SOLD to Milano, Italy.

"Woman On Red", original painting, Size: 15 x 20 inches ( 38cm x 51cm),

painted in ink and acrylic paint on heavy weight, acid free watercolour paper

Abstract expressionist portrait of a woman in rich, vibrant Fauve colors, including both warm and cool reds, purples, pink, violet, and other colors.

It is a very striking painting/drawing. The ink line drawing is spontaneous and raw and very expressive. The acrylic paint is bright and vibrant and gives the painting texture. The heavy weight paper shows through in many places providing additional texture and interest. This painting is on paper so you will have to have it framed (it is sold without a frame).
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Woman on Red abstract portrait painting by Martina Shapiro

detail of the painting - artist Martina Shapiro

Detail of the Woman on Red painting by artist Martina Shapiro

example of frame - sold without the frame

Example of framing - the painting is sold without the frame

approximate scale

approximate scale, the painting is sold without the frame


Purchasing information

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