"Abstract Woman on Blue”,

original acrylic on canvas painting,

10 x 10x 1.5 inches

Abstract, expressionist portrait of a mysterious woman in blue, purple, green, turquoise and other bold, saturated colors. She has an intense, direct look and a sensual expression. Looking at her, you might see an aspect of yourself ... art is like a doorway to your soul. The colors are rich and deep, with strong, bold contrasts of vibrant Fauve colors.
I created the painting using multiple layers of high-quality acrylic paints. The colors in the painting are rich and vibrant and there are many different hues of colors that a photo cannot fully capture. The painting's colors depend on the color and intensity of the light that illuminates the painting and different illumination (daylight, evening light, spotlight) will emphasize different hues and tones of the colors in the painting.

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Abstract Woman on Blue original contemporary painting by Martina Shapiro

Example of framing - the painting is sold without the frame. The painting continues around the edges and there is a hanging wire on the back of the painting so that you don't have to have it framed and can hang it on the wall right away when you receive it.

Abstract woman on blue original painting by artist Martina Shapiro

This is an approximate size of the painting when it is hanging in a room. The sides of the canvas are painted and there is a wire hanger on the back of the painting so that you can hang it on the wall right away, without framing it.

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